Here Is A Desk That Could Be Just Right For Secret Agents

While browsing through articles on the Digg website today, I came across a video that spotlights an attractive, executive-style desk that contains a number of hidden compartments. The roomy desk is constructed of solid walnut and it features a 24-karat embossed, leather-inlaid writing surface.

A great example of the creatively designed hidden compartments in this desk would have to be the large file drawer that is situated in its lower-right, front section. Although it can not be seen, another large storage shelf that slides in and out of the main shelf sideways, is contained within the larger shelf. The inner storage shelf can only be accessed by swiping an electronic RFID lock underneath the desk.

Just above those drawers sits a smaller, ordinary-looking drawer. When that drawer is pulled out, another hidden drawer above it can also be unlocked by using an RFID card.

The narrow pencil drawer that sits in the center of this desk features a couple of dividers that are used for organizational purposes. When one of the dividers is swiped with a card, another RFID lock unlocks another storage area set behind the back of the front drawer.

Although this desk certainly is good-looking and very well-made, I can’t help but wonder what type of job would require such equipment. To be honest, this desk reminds me of the classic 1960s secret agent TV comedy program “Get Smart.”