Highland Capital Management Gives Back

James Dondero is the co-founder and the current president of the Highland Capital Management firm which is a firm that specializes in offering clients with unique solutions for investment opportunities. All of the solutions that this firm provides are specifically tailored to each client whether it is for a small business or for an individual customer. This investment firm that is located in the Dallas area offers credit-based solutions that promise a high return percentage with a minimal risk liability. as of recently, it has been totaled that this investment firm currently has over $17 billion of assets under secure management. With a leader like James Dondero, investors and businesses come flocking to the Dallas area for his expert advice on where to invest money. With an excellent and diverse portfolio, James Dondero has been able to use his expertise to speculate about many future investments. One of his most profitable investments concerned the return of Argentina back into the international bonds market.

As a successful business, Highland Capital Management has desired to give back to the community of the Dallas region. James Dondero is a full believer that having a successful business entitles any business to share the wealth with the community. Organizations that support initiatives that include civic, educational, and artistic initiatives have all benefited from this investment management firm. With this in mind, Highland Capital Management has paired up with Linda Owen who is a philanthropist and a leader of the civic community in the Dallas community. With the help of Linda Owen, James Dondero is able to expertly allocate funds to the best and most worthy organizations in the Dallas area.

Linda Owen is the former President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda Owen is excited to work with Mr. Dondero due to the fact that it has become obvious that they both have a desire to improve and grow the city that they both know and love. The Highland Capital Management firm has already donated over $3 million to organizations around the community and is on the mission to donate even more within the years to come.

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