Hope Hall School Is Preparing For Its Annual Woodworking Sale

Rochester, NY residents will have a chance to buy a gift of fine-crafted wood made at the wood shop of Hope Hall School this Saturday December 2 at one of their annual sales events hosted at the school facility itself. According to Spectrum News, there will be another sale of Hope Hall’s wood products following up this one on December 15 at the Mall at Greece Ridge, one of Rocheste’r main shopping centers. The Woodworking department is something Hope Hall has taken a lot of pride in, and this time of year when the holidays draw close, everyone gets a chance to show the city all the hard work they’ve done.

Hope Hall is a private school dedicated to students who have struggled learning in other public or charter schools, and in this school teachers administer a little more patience and help them with newer and more creative ways to learn. Hope Hall’s woodworking department has been one of the pride and joys of the school and actually began as an extracurricular activity that a local was willing to do for the students. While it still remains as such for younger students, high school students actually take structured woodworking classes as a graduation requirement, although many of them love what they do in the class that they look at it as more than just a requirement. But many volunteers also come out to the wood shop to learn the craft, and it’s their work along with that of instructors that goes on sale.