How Labaton Sucharow has Revolutionized the Process of Whistleblowing

The financial services industry has significantly been transformed since the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act came into effect. Players who were previously fond of engaging in fraudulent acts have been forced to mend their ways. However, the legislation continues to win praise from far and wide because it paved way for the formation of an SEC whistleblower program. This program offers financial rewards to whistleblowers besides protecting them from retribution.

Labaton Sucharow gained prominence by pioneering the formation an SEC whistleblower attorney program. This is a fully staffed and autonomous division, which is mandated with the role of representing individuals who decide to report financial fraud via the firm. Despite being relatively new, the program has been immensely successful. It banks on the experience of competent financial experts, accountants, and forensic investigators who work within its ranks. These professionals work harmoniously to ensure that the firm’s clients receive exceptional representation when making submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Learn more:

Why Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower Program has been Successful

The SEC whistleblower lawyer program instituted at SEC Labaton Sucharow mainly focuses on ensuring that the demands of clients are met. The firm’s core purpose has been to ensure that those who make revelations through it are protected from possible retaliatory attacks from the implicated parties. Labaton Sucharow understands that many insiders are often willing to report financial irregularities. However, most end up keeping quiet because their security is never guaranteed. In line with this, the firm has provisions for anonymous reporting.

Before a submission is made to the SEC, Labaton Sucharow ensures that the case is properly evaluated. It similarly carries out its own independent investigations to ascertain the validity of the case. This way, concrete grounds that lead to a successful enforcement action can easily be identified. Employee protection is similarly provided to ensure that insiders who testify before the SEC are not subjected to any form of retributory attacks once they resume their jobs. This explains why Labaton Sucharow remains the go-to law firm for individuals who wish to report irregularities within the money markets.

The Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act instituted a monetary reward scheme. Its role is to ensure that whistleblowers receive financial rewards if their tipoffs lead to a successful enforcement action. The legislation stipulates that whistleblowers ought to be awarded between 10 to 20 percent of funds that are recovered. Labaton Sucharow has experienced whistleblower attorneys, who ensure that clients get maximum financial rewards.