How the Securus Video Visitation Program has helped families

For many years now there has been a call to reduce the gap between inmates and their families. There has been a campaign that proper rehabilitation should involve proper communication between prisoners and their loved ones. Securus Technologies is one program that has sought to find a solution to this. The company has created a video visitation program that fosters long distance bonding between families and inmates. Parents can now remain in constant touch with their children without the need of their physical presence.


At some point, I wanted to check up on a friend that had been in the correction facility for 18 months. It was very difficult to know the correct visitation time in the prison. The prison was located far away and would take several hours of driving. Fortunately, I discovered a video visitation program that would assist in fostering a better relationship between my friend and I. Securus Technologies provides exclusive services. The company received a BBB rating of A+ recently. The application has become a great way for families and friends to maintain their relationship even when one of them is serving a jail time.


I have used the app on my mobile phone to talk to our friend. The software allows one to make a video call to the correction facility quite easy. The best thing about the program is that we have shown our friend that we care. She has always put on a smiling face every time we communicate. I want to create a better relationship with them and to walk them through the correction process.


I find that the video visitation program is a revolutionary idea. The program is highly beneficial to keeping families together when one member is away behind bars. It has also helped saving money and time by taking over the need to travel to a correction facility. Video visitation has helped inmates remain in touch continuously. The unique technology is one of the best things to happen to detainees. Families can make use of the visitation technology during the Christmas and festive season. Inmate parents can watch their children open gifts.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas. The company provides its services to approximately 2,600 correction facilities and law enforcement bodies. The company has reached a total of one million inmates in North America. Securus Technologies is committed to serving and connect. The company provides emergency responses, public information, investigation, and tons of other services.