How to Make a Bookshelf from Old Wooden Crates

Furnishing a house is usually such an expensive affair and needs months of planning if you are working on a tight budget. But this does not have to be so. Here’s how you can make a bookshelf using old wooden crates.


You will need 8 wooden crates. If you do not have these, don’t fret –you can easily get them here. You will also need 1-inch wooden screws, 10 clamps, wood glue, varnish and a stain brush—these are all very cheap and can be found at any wood supplies store.


Before you start assembling the wood crates, use the stain brush to stain them using varnish and let them sit for a few hours or overnight. After the varnish dries, use wood glue to attach the crates to each other in your preferred pattern, then attach clamps to them and leave them to dry overnight. Once dry, remove the clamps and drill holes to fix the screws to hold the crates together. It is just that simple.


Furnishing a house does not have to be as expensive an affair as many people assume. With this DIY guideline, you will have your bookshelf ready in no time at all. There are many other pieces of furniture you can easily make yourself at little to no cost using old furniture or other things that you no longer use. Instead of letting these things take up your garage space or end up in the trash, you can creatively revamp them and transform them into beautiful pieces of furniture.