How to Market a Woodworking Business

Those who are skilled at woodworking and carpentry could end up using their skill as either a full-time job or as side job to earn extra money. Similar to any other business, one of the hardest parts of building a successful job and business is marketing. Fortunately, a recent news article has provided a lot of different tips that could be used to help market a woodworking business (


One tip is to provide illustrations of your past work. One of the best ways to make potential customers know about your work quality is to show some of the work that you have done. This would be best done by creating a photo book of before and after pictures of some of your past jobs. It could also help to have customers provide reviews and testimonials, which should focus on your ability to provide quality work and stay within budget.


Another tip that could help you to build your woodworking client base is by marketing your top services. Instead of promoting a general woodworking practice, it would help by promoting what your top deals and specialties are. These can include providing help with refacing cabinets or working on hardwood floors. Regardless of what the service is, you should ensure that you area also providing a fair estimate of what the total cost will be to ensure that you are able to finish the project and remain within your budget.