How to Prevent Woodworking Hazards

A woodworking shop can be a very dangerous place if the proper precautions are not taken before you start working. It is very important that you are aware of all the potential risks so that you can set up your shop in such a way that it is safe for you to work in on a regular basis. Taking a few moments to make your woodworking shop safe will prevent a disaster from happening down the road.

Wood dust is a very serious issue that is being talked about more in the woodworking community now than it has in the past. One of the main reasons why wood dust is so incredibly dangerous is the fact that it is both flammable and combustible. This makes it a risk to cause both explosions and fires if an ignition source is nearby. Pressure can result in a powerful explosion if wood dust is allowed to build up in an enclosed area. Therefore, you need to move all of the electrical equipment in your woodworking shop to an area that is not within close proximity to any equipment that creates wood dust. You also need to be certain that the ventilation ducts of your equipment never become blocked.

Electrical systems are another issue that need to be closely looked at around your woodworking shop. You might think that your electrical system is safe because it is still fairly new. However, these systems have a tendency to deteriorate not long after you begin using them. This will eventually cause the equipment in your woodworking shop to not work properly or fail altogether. This is why your woodworking shop should create a preventative maintenance program for all of the electrical equipment. This will help to prevent your electrical system from breaking down and being out of commission for an extended length of time. Some of the primary tasks you should be focused on are keeping your equipment lubricated, making sure there is no friction to prevent it from becoming misaligned, making sure nothing is loose to prevent vibrations and always keep your equipment dry. Your equipment should work properly for many years to come.