IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Business Units

According to an article published by PRNewswire on Nov 5, 2015, IAP Worldwide acquired DRS Technologies aviation and logistics business unit situated in Oklahoma City and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) business located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. TCNS offers engineering solutions. It also provides communications support solutions, and information technology to the United States department of defense and other agencies. IAP aims at integrating the unique talents and capabilities of the two business units to attain its long-term growth strategy on Hoovers.

The acquisition of the two business units aims at increasing the capabilities that IAP Worldwide Services delivers to clients all over the world. According to IAP, the acquisition will also increase the size of the addressable market on Payscale.com by more than double. IAP will integrate the two business units into a new unit, which will be known as Aviation & Engineering Solutions as well as the existing National Security Programs unit. Doug Kitani is the chief executive officer of IAP Worldwide Services. Douglas said that the addition of the aviation, networking technologies and communication businesses from DRS are a natural fit for IAP, and it will enable the firm to expand its portfolio of solutions and services to international organizations, the United States, and government agencies.

Douglas added that IAP had established a policy on PRNewswire this year that focuses on customer discipline, lean operations and innovation in the relevant government services sector. Kitani added that the policy is organic growth-based as well as inorganic growth-based. The inorganic growth will be realized by integrating firms that complement the core business of IAP. IAP has a long-term commitment to serving its government clients and supporting its investors and board, which is demonstrated by the acquisition of the two business units.

More about IAP
IAP Worldwide Services is a leading international services company that has been in operation for over 60 years. IAP offers a broad range of services and solutions not only to the United States agencies and organizations but also to international government institutions and enterprises globally. IAP integrates and leverages its capabilities to offer safe, reliable and innovative solutions that meet the diverse and complex challenges of its clients.

IAP’s corporate headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL. Additionally; the firm has its operations in over 100 locations in 20 countries all over the world. IAP Worldwide Services maintains offices in Washington, D.C. area, the United Kingdom, and Panama City, FL.

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