Ideas for the Best 18th Birthday Party


There are many different things that go into a great birthday party including the theme, style and decor. Turning 18 can make these decisions even more difficult. You are still pretty young but you are now an adult. So what kind of birthday party ideas could you do?


A Grown-Up Party:

You can still include the younger, fun things such as goody bags for your guests but make your party still more mature to enhance the 18 year old in you. Include things like Starbucks gift cards or iTunes gift cards in the goody bags to make them a little more grown up. Get a fancy, decorative cake that shows just how mature you are now!


Movie Night at a Pool:

If your birthday is in the summer, have an outdoor movie night to give your party an extra twist. With birthday snacks, a pool, pool floats and some shark movies, you will be sure to enjoy yourself during this party!


Zombie Tag:

Zombie tag, or a game of humans vs. zombies, are very popular on college campuses. This game can last for days so it will have to be structured to make sure there’s still time for cake and maybe even a zombie movie, or play some Call of Duty zombie maps with your friends.


Limo Adventure:

Who doesn’t love limos? Although a little bit more pricy, this type of party would be great for a dressed up and glamorous night out on the town. Tour the city, get dinner at a fancy restaurant and enjoy living fancy for the night!


Whatever you decide to do for your 18th birthday party, there are many ways to dress it up to fit your now more mature age! Just make sure you have loads of fun with your friends!