Igor Cornelsen Lays Out Wise Tips For Investors

Igor Cornelsen is a former stock market trader and banker. Mr. Cornelsen retired from investing, banking and trading in 2011. He settled down in Florida where he spends his retirement playing golf and relaxing on the Florida beaches.


After retiring from banking and stock market trading Igor Cornelsen did create the Bainbridge Group LLC. It is incorporated in the Bahamas. As a private investor Mr. Cornelsen invests his own funds through Bainbridge. He can also offer you investment advice on how to invest in the stock market or what commodities are a smart choice to invest in for you. You can consider Igor as a veteran financial consultant at his Bahamas based investment. Who better to trust with financial and investment advice than a man who has done stock market trading and commodity investments for most of his life?


It is important to point out that Igor has had a highly successful track record when he was a banker. As an executive and managing partner at some of Brazil’s most prominent banks, he helped them achieve profitability during a time when most banks were going under. That’s right, during the great economic recession of 2008, Igor managed to lead the banks he was in charge off to profitability. This was in spite of the economic meltdown that was occurring all around the world at the time. This once again, proves the keen financial eye and savvy investment prowess that Cornelsen has.


For Investors Igor Cornelsen lays out the following tips. He says that it is best to spread your money in multiple different companies. This increases the chance that one of your investment ventures will end up being profitable and that you will make a return on your money. When you are looking at companies to invest look at how a company spends its time and money. Companies that make good use of their own money and time should be prime candidates for investment. Also look for a good track record in a firm’s profitability.


Igor is also a big proponent of not investing in damaged companies. He strongly urges investors to avoid putting their funds into such companies. Mr. Cornelsen also suggests that all investors follow the rules and regulations laid out in each country. This is to avoid trouble with the law later on.