Image To Wood Transferring Made Easy

Knowing your way around woodworking is a pretty handy skill to have, especially if you are into DIY crafts and like making neat things to fit your home. There are always tips and tricks that come in handy, which can help you make even better woodwork to augment your home. Transferring a graphic onto a piece of wood is always something that a lot of people working with wood like to do, owing to the intricate designs that one can get at the end of the project. The process of transferring an image onto a piece of wood is something that anyone can do, considering how simple it is.

To start off, you will need to sand the entire surface of your wooden piece to ensure that it is perfectly smooth to get the best result. If you want to paint the wood before you transfer the graphic, be sure to do it well in advance, so the paint can dry before you get to the image.

To begin, you will need to add a good amount of your transfer solution onto the top of your image. Make sure your image is facing up and is inverted, especially if you have words or numbers on your image.

Next, you will want to place the photo facing downwards onto your piece of wood, so that it can ‘transfer’ over to the wood. Press it down, and make sure that there are no air bubbles in between the photo and the wood. Leave the piece to dry completely. Depending on the size of your image and the surrounding temperature, it can take anywhere between one to five hours to dry. For maximum results and to ensure your image looks the best on the wood, keep it overnight.

The last step is to press it down once more with a damp cloth or cotton, and then gently peel it off to reveal the image on the wood.