Iowa Man Adding New Ideas Into His Woodworking Job

Woodworking is a job that needs to be done in the right location and have the right local demand to be successful with. But for Travis Murray of Cedar Rapids, IA, it appears he’s on his way to starting his own woodworking business after seeing some success in a side business he runs at the company he’s employed with. According to The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Murray works for Morgan Meredith, a company designs and builds wood furniture and cabinets for local businesses, but during his spare time he designs some games made from wood pieces. He calls this side project Hawkeye Yard Games.

Murray actually began his side project in creating custom wood signs for various customers, but he started having an interest in outdoor games and particularly cornhole, a game that’s popular in the south. Murray uses his woodworking tools including an automated computer router to design cornhole boards, and he orders the wraps for the boards from Florida and Michigan vendors. But he also designs coinhole boaards, which are for playing on tables and are a good alternative to cornhole during cold winter months.

Cornhole is won by getting as many beanbags as possible on the board and then through a hole. Coinhole is similar, except instead of using beanbags, you try to get a coin or a washer through a smaller hole on a smaller board bouncing it off the table. Murray’s customers ordering both cornhole and coinhole boards are quite diverse from bar and restaurant owners looking to add excitement to their atmosphere, high school sports groups wanting to host fundraisers, tailgaters and regular families buying outdoor games.