It’s a Wiki World

The popular map app “HERE” going to go where no map app has gone before. “HERE” wants to tell you more than how to get there. It wants to tell you about it, what’s around it and what interesting things you can do nearby. Most importantly the goal of “HERE” is to make enough information available at once that you don’t have to download or switch apps to find out about a destination. How will they do that? Wikipedia.

It’s no longer enough to answer a question. Today, people want all the information right now. They want more information than they asked for. They want to know how much they didn’t know before. That’s a tall order. Wikipedia is an Emerald Tower of answers. It’s open sourced for information and then fact-checked by Wikipedia editors who look for obvious false statements or lack of credible sources.

Wikipedia is a force for your online presence. It works in conjunction with google, so if you successfully create a page for yourself or your business, you’ll automatically pop up at the top of a search – for free! That’s free gold for marketing. It’s not easy to make a Wikipedia page on your own, but this article will help you get the information and/or expertise to get yours up and running.

Are you a minority? Wikipedia needs you! They are looking for help from all minority groups to give a fair and balanced picture of each entry. There are lots of reasons for that from a sociological perspective that you can read here, but at the end of the day it’s important to find a way to make your voice heard.

Whether you need to brand yourself, your company, or you just know a lot about anything, Wikipedia is the answer.

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