Jeremy Goldstein Now a Part of LRIS Website Connecting New Yorkers With High Caliber Lawyers

It happens to a lot of people; they’ve gone through a hard day and it’s getting close to midnight and that ‘something’ happens. A knock on the door and your ‘Served’ with legal documents. Could be your spouse filed for divorce or is looking to get full custody of your children. Maybe it is an eviction notice or perhaps someone is suing you.


Now it’s one o’clock in the morning and you feel the fear and panic spreading through out you and your hands begin to shake.


So what do you do?


For a lot of people in the New York City area you can get a handle on almost any legal situation you are suddenly involved in by visiting the website and be connected with a lawyer you can physically visit inside of 24 hours. The lawyers you will be matched with are not ‘Ambulance Chasers;’ these are highly qualified attorneys who are reviewed and under the supervision of the NY State Bar Association


You might find yourself talking with Jeremy Goldstein, formerly a partner with the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for 14 years, who left that firm in June of 2014 to set up his own legal practice forming Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC.


More importantly, Jeremy Goldstein is a member of ‘LRIS,’ which stands for the ‘Lawyer Referral and Information Service,’ that has a website that can be accessed 24 hours a day LINK ??? matching you with a lawyer.


The process for the Lawyer Referral and Information Service is simple:



  • Just fill out a confidential form as best you can that will help to match you with a lawyer who specializes in the area of your particular legal situation.
  • With your address the system will use your geographical location enabling you to take a short drive and meet with them in person.
  • The actual referral is free, but, the initial consultation costs $35.00. However, certain legal situations such as personal injury, unemployment or worker’s compensation or social security might meet the requirements and qualify as an exception.
  • In operation for over 35 years, an educated staff member is available 24/7 to review your questionnaire and set you up with an appointment the next day
  • You can also call them during normal business hours at: 1-800-342-3661
  • You are under no obligation to accept the particular lawyer you will be matched with.



Again, this system will connect you with a professional attorney of a very high caliber.


Jeremy Goldstein, for example, has a J. D. from the New York University School of Law and also a BA Cum Laude from Cornell University. Combining his education to obtain his law degree with with the ‘Human Aspect. of his studies an at Cornell University plus his M.S. from the University of Chicago; Jeremy Goldstein would be one of those individuals people consider to be extremely ‘Well-rounded.’


He has also authored several papers some of which have been published on the Harvard Law School and you can find the here: