Jesse Shaw, Master Woodworker

It’s nice to have someone to admire in the woodworking world. If you currently don’t have a woodworking idol, you should take the time to check out Jesse Shaw of Watertown, MA. He is spectacular. One of Shaw’s first woodworking pieces was creating a custom bookshelf to fit snugly into a space with a curved roof. After finding success with this and other projects, Shaw ended up earning an MFA in furniture design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. Now, he runs JShaw Furniture Design. He also teaches at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

Shaw has his own design philosophy for woodworking. During a recent interview, Shaw explained how he believes there is already a bounty of natural beauty in the wood he uses for his furniture designs. When designing furniture, he views it as his responsibility to work alongside the wood instead of merely with the wood. This healthy respect for the wood has allowed Shaw to create numerous spectacular pieces of furniture. In fact, Shaw recently was invited to showcase his furniture at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center in Massachusetts. People enjoyed seeing how Shaw was able to release the natural beauty of the wood instead of trying to chip and carve the wood into submission.

Naturally, Shaw also isn’t afraid to discuss his love for woodworking. Shaw admits that the best part of working with wood is seeing something slowly emerge from within the material. He says, “That still excites me, all these years later.” It takes a special craftsman to be able to see something within the wood. It also takes a special craftsman to have the talent to let that object out of the wood through diligence. Shaw is both of these people.

If you are interested in picking up a piece of furniture from Shaw, you can check out his website at You could also visit his website to get inspiration for your own next woodworking project.

Are you a fan of Jesse Shaw’s woodworking? Would you like a piece of his furniture in your home? Let us know!