Knowing Troy McQuagge and His Son Better

USHealth group got recognized as a world leading Health Insurance Company. Their services are top rated, and products provided are affordable for clients. Through their innovative health plans and flexible policies, USHealth has emerged top of other insurance companies. We cannot talk of its success without the mention of Troy McQuagge. He is the CEO and the President of the Organization.

Troy joined the organization as the President of USHealth Advisors, but he later got promoted to the CEO position due to his excellent performance.


Troy is the insurance expert and top rated manager. His career started back while in the university. He joined Allstate Insurance Company, and actively participated in the Insurance Division of United Insurance Company. He holds the position of CEO and the President of USHealth. He is also the member of the Board of Directors of the company. He joined the organization in 2010 as the President of USHealth Advisors, later in 2013; he got promoted to Executive Vice President and CMO {Chief Marketing Officer}.

In 2014, through his efforts, innovation and excellent performance, he got elected as the group President. Since then, he has tremendously expanded his insurance skills to serve USHealth Group and other subsidiaries of the organization. Troy McQuagge Son graduated in 1983, from the University of Central Florida.

Awards and Recognition

His accomplishment in the insurance industry cannot go without recognition. He got the Gold Winner award at the One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a premier program that awards outstanding entrepreneurs for their incredible success in the industry. When he was named as the CEO of the year by One Planet Awards, Troy displayed his gratitude to all the employees of the organization citing that it was due to their incredible innovation and teamwork that earned him the award.

Succeeding in the insurance industry is a hard nut to crack. Not many people see it through to the top of the industry, but Troy McQuagge cracked the code. Every insurance industry he has worked for has recorded incredible success and high sales. He is a real prove that hard work, determination and dedication are the pillars of achievement in any field.

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