Life and Achievements of Susan McGalla

According to a statistic, companies have almost 15 % more chance of succeeding if they have women leaders. Nowadays, we see many companies and businesses that are offering managing positions to female employees and encouraging the gender equality.

One of these leading and successful women in the business world is Susan McGalla. She has had high achievements in her field of work and not only that; she has made it quite clear that women are not in any way behind men in any kind of field.

Ms. McGalla learned to fight for her right at a very young age. She was born to a football coach and had two brothers. She was not treated any differently in the house because she was a girl. She had to really put effort to get what she wanted. She continued to put this effort in her professional life as well and became one of the most successful women having more than one managing positions in different companies.

When Ms. McGalla began work after college at the American Eagle Outfitters, all the executive positions there were held by men. She worked hard and became the president of the company before leaving it.

She currently holds the Vice President position at a very male dominant industry, the Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yes, Susan McGalla’s success story is very inspiring, but still, there are a lot of women out there who don’t get such opportunities. However, there are groups that encourage women and give them opportunities to connect and become the next Susan McGalla.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is certainly a role model for women in all kinds of fields. She graduated with a Bachelor of Administration at the Mount Union College in Business and Marketing.

Ms. McGalla began work in Wet Seal Company in the year 2011. She became the CEO of this company and was able to come up with Wet Steal and the Arden B.

In the year 2013, McGalla came up with the P3 Executive Consulting. She worked for this company for almost two years, and the decided to join the Pittsburgh Steelers.