Lime Crime: Makeup’s Most Wanted

What does a person do when they have a personality fairly bursting with radiance and brightness and all things sparkly and glitzy, but there’s just no way to bring all that brilliance to the surface?



Two words: Lime Crime.



Lime Crime is a line of cosmetics designed for the most vibrant, eye-catching shades of makeup to express their inner awesomeness for the whole world to see. The CEO/founder/owner of this cosmetics line, Doe Deere, developed this line of products in 2008. She was inspired to do so after creating some vivid makeup shades for her own personal use and being approached by scores of people looking to copy her look for themselves. Doe develops each new product with her customers in mind. She lovingly refers to her loyal followers as “unicorns” and they call her the “Queen of Unicorns”



This unique makeup line is available exclusively online. All products are vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan makeup is created using zero animal ingredients and no by-products like lanolin, whey, beeswax or carmine. Cruelty-free men as that no products or their ingredients are ever tested on animals in any way. They are certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA, meaning that leading international animal rights groups endorse these cosmetics and include the company in a database listing all businesses that are cruelty-free.



Doe Deere introduced her line of colorful products in 2008. From day one she has personally overseen the creation and development of each and every new product to ensure that it meets her personal standards and that her precious unicorns will be pleased with it. The company has a singular vision and goal. Customers are their main priority. It isn’t about making money or being a prestigious, famous label. They listen to the input of their consumers and pay attention to suggestions from them when the time comes to add to the line. One of the best-selling products is their enchanting hair colors, often seen on Doe herself. Many holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day see special products and sets created specifically for those special days. It is not uncommon for these to sell out quickly.



Lime Crime Cosmetics are created for the beautiful souls that are ready to share their inner beauty with the rest of the world.