Lime Crime Success with Doe Deere

Lime Crime Cosmetics has made headway in the beauty industry since the beginning of its launch thanks to the inspiring Doe Deere. The successful and beautiful entrepreneur from Russia is known for her company’s colorful collection. From an early age, she was had dreams to make a difference in the beauty industry and she has most definitely done that.


Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia where she displayed a flair for color and fashion at an early age. The host of many slumber parties in her youth, Doe loved to play dress up with her friends and pretended to be fashionable witches. Doe got the chance to apply makeup with all of the dramatic flair she loved. This was the start of her involvement in the beauty industry and she moved to New York City at the age of 17. She was able to spread her wings and get to know herself more when she created her very own music band called Sky Salt. This was also where she met her husband and current president of her company.


Like many entrepreneurs, Doe Deere tried her hand with the well known online buying and selling platform, eBay. It was on this site that Doe became known for her impeccable fashion sense and love of color. She wore clothing that she made herself and her following began to rapidly grow. It wasn’t long before Doe wanted to take her business to the next level. She saw a lack of makeup on interesting colors within the industry and decided she was the one to fill the void.


2008 marked an exciting year for Doe Deere as she officially launched her cosmetics line, Lime Crime Cosmetics. The brand is named after her favorite color and the brand’s unusual name works to make her company searchable on the most popular search engines. Lime Crime hit the market with lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes in amazing shades. In addition to the bright colors, Doe ensures her brand uses products that are 100 percent cruelty free. This is serious business for those who only wish to use products that are vegan.


Doe is also very close to her followers and makes it a point to show them as much love and support as they have shown her. She launches frequent giveaways where she surprises fans with gifts and cool perks. Followers are also excited about her contest called “Must-Be-Pink!”. Lime Crime also has major social media presence with over 3 million followers on Instagram.


Doe always makes sure to get an early start in the mornings and rises at 8:30 sharp. She thoroughly enjoys working from home and pampers herself every morning. Starting her day with a y’all glass of water, Doe stays hydrated and healthy. Her hair is always perfectly curled and she loves to dye it in shades such as pink and purple. Her breakfast consists of grits and freshly squeezed juice making her lifestyle pretty healthy and inspiring. Learn more: