Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair Dye

The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere never disappoints her clients when it comes to beauty products. For over three years, she has been burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a hair dye that is unique to all existing ones, and guess what, she got it. To convince her fans and clients, the “queen of unicorn” as she proclaims herself has been using the product on her hair before its launch.


Although it remains unclear when the product will be launched, most people are already anxious to try it. This is evident because there’s already a substantial amount of information about the product and most people think that it is unique from what is already available in the market. The dye comes in different colors–from stone gray to baby pink. From the look of things, Lime crime is setting high standards for its peers.


The most interesting part about this new product is that clients will have a chance to choose between two formulas, that is, tint and full coverage. This makes the product even unique and will probably get most people eager to try it. However, the company recommends that people use the dye on lighter colors or blonde. The good thing is that the package comes along with full instructions, so you don’t have to worry.


The company has been overworking in an attempt to come up with unique beauty products, and it seems their efforts are paying off. The new unicorn hair dye that is about to hit the market will be among many products that Doe Deere and her company have been working on for many years. This latest product has no equals because it is a permanent dye.


All said and done; everyone always wants beauty products that can be trusted. Lime Crime Company is among the giants of beauty products and with the much-awaited launch of its latest dye, people’s expectations will remain high for even more of such products.