Lime Crime’s Next Revolutionary Product

Lime Crime has done it once again. This company has been bringing in new excitement ever since its inception. For the fall season, it has introduced the all-new Unicorn hair dye, and it has created a stir of emotions throughout society. These extraordinary new products fall under the company’s Unicorn Hair Collection. This collection mirrors its makeup line of products thanks to the vividly bright colors. The new wave of Unicorn hair dye will come in deliciously, dark hues. Of course, all of this was by design thanks to the company’s founder Doe Deere. LimeCrime hair dyes are intriguing, and they provide the user with full-coverage. Just like their makeup counterparts, these products are certified vegan as well as animal cruelty-free.

If you’re a brunette then you’re in luck because these dyes are designed for you. The colors are very intense. This includes Squid (spooky purple), Charcoal (dusty gray), Chestnut (deep maroon) and Sea Witch (mermaid’s tail green). If you want to represent team unicorn then these products will definitely help you achieve the end goal. On top of that, Lime Crime, and its Instagram account has provided the public with a glimpse of what to expect. In a sense, it has been teasing the public for quite some time up until its official release on Oct. 24. Founder Doe Deere has done an amazing job with this brand in only a short few years. Her very own personal style has been implemented into each and every product. This Russian-born beauty has single handedly revolutionized the game for the better.

The benefits of LimeCrime is obvious, especially when being compared to other brands like Almay, L’Oréal and Maybelline. These products are user-friendly as well as easy to apply. Being such wonderful vegan-like products, they’re safe to use on a consistent basis. All in all, the Unicorn Hair Collection has set the tone for the remaining months of 2017 and beyond. For 2018, who knows what Doe Deere will come up with next, but I’m pretty sure that it will be a hit.