Lori Senecal’s Climb to CP+B’s New CEO Position

Earlier this year, CP+B announced that they had named Lori Senecal as their new Global CEO. If “Global CEO” doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it’s a newly created position. Senecal’s work at CP+B is so exceptional that the company created an entirely new position just for her.

She’s now overseeing all of CP+B’s global growth and expansion operations. She also manages the coordination of all eight of the firm’s international offices. She’s now one of the most powerful women in the business world. She oversees all of the company’s further corporate development.

According to campaignlive.com, some of her greatest successes have been achieved at CP+B. Thought of as one of the industry’s leading leaders, she pioneered a global level of embracing advancing technology, innovation, and invention. The fact that CP+B created a specialized position just for and gave her so much power and influence demonstrates exactly how talented Senecal is.

In Senecal’s own words, “It’s an honor.” During an acceptance interview by salary.com , Senecal showed her appreciation for a chance to work alongside Chuck Porter and the CP+B leadership team. She takes great joy in playing such a significant role in the company’s global growth. She accredits her success to the fact that she works with an office full of exceptionally talented individuals.

Lori Senecal is the kind of businesswoman that was born for business. For the first day she started, she was developing strategic partnerships. It’s like she knew she’d one day become of the most powerful people in her field. She’s always been focused on accelerated global agency growth and cutting-edge business divisions. She’s even led some of the most renowned blue chip accounts on the market.

Another powerful position Senecal holds is CEO of the MDC Partners network. She has maintained her CEO role at MDC since accepting the Global CEO role at CP+B. The accomplishments she achieved at MDC rival, if not exceed her accomplishments at CP + B. While at MDC, she transformed the company into a 900+ person, worldwide firm.

Along with her numerous corporate accomplishments, Lori Senecal has been honored on many occasions. In 2014, she won one of the Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” titles. She’s also received a Quantum Leap award from the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

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