Madison Street Capital’s Success in the ARES Security Transaction

Madison Street Capital was hired by the ARES Security to offer financial guidance on its minority recapitalization deal. ARES Security is regarded as an exceptional company due to the top-notch technology solutions that it offers to secure the most valuable assets on the planet. Its president, Ben Eazzetta, acknowledged the investment firm for the excellent advice that it provided. One of Madison’s executives, Reginald McGaugh, believes that the management of the company is competent, and it worked hard to ensure that ARES Security got a dependable financing partner.


The president of ARES Security highly appreciated the services that Madison Street Capital has been offering to the firm. He was impressed by the way the company handles its activities, which include valuations and finding a funding source. Madison’s professionals strived to ensure that the security firm found a reliable financing partner that would allow it to establish a perfect capital structure. According to ARES Security, Corbel is highly dependable finance enterprise that offers innovative solutions, which can assist it in creating a notable equity. The flexibility and partnership of the company enable ARES to better its sales ability and also utilize upcoming chances that Corbel offers. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a trusted firm that deals with equity funds. It was formed in 2013 and currently manages more than $95 million.


The ARES Security Corporation is a highly trusted firm that has been offering dependable equipment that is used in safeguarding valuable and critical assets. The main offices of the company are based in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. It has been regarded as a global leader in the provisions of security risk management regulatory solutions. The products that ARES develops are essential is transportation, nuclear industries, energy, and protecting extremely sophisticated programs that managed by the government


Madison Street Capital is a highly experienced firm in the investment banking sector. It has principles that it uses when dealing with clients, and they are service, integrity, leadership, and excellence. The investment firm has specialized in merger and acquisitions, financial opinions, and determining the value of businesses. It has been ensuring that its clients have the ability to maneuver into the international market. Madison Street Capital reputation stands out due to the unique way that it addresses the objectives of the clients. The management of the firm has been utilizing emerging business opportunities to better the success of enterprises in the global market. The professionalism of its staff also boosts the customer’s confidence.


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