Man Carves Car from One Block of Wood

A beautiful work of art was recently created by a man who hails from California. Pontus Willfors took one block of hardwood and decided to use it to carve a Ford Falcon. The car was sold from 1960 to 1970 in Australia. He used a real Ford Falcon to help guide him during his project so his carving would be like the actual car. He said that he decided to do this project just to test his own skills. He was not sure that he would have enough material to complete the entire car with one block of hardwood. However, he adjusted the size of the car to make it slightly smaller than he originally intended. This allowed him to finish carving the car with plenty of wood to spare.

Pontus started woodworking when he was a child. He still does it as a hobby. He says that carving things helps him to relax when he has had a very stressful day. The Ford Falcon carving will be on display in Los Angeles starting Feb. 24th at the Denk Gallery. He said that he never imagined that his carvings would ever be displayed in an art gallery. The experience carving this car was so enjoyable that Pontus says he will probably do another one at some point in the future. However, he is still not sure what make or model of car he will attempt this time. He is also unsure if he will use hardwood to carve his next project.