Midwest Woodworkers Is Bought by Woodcraft Supply

Woodcraft Supply has managed to eliminate some of its competition and make itself stronger in the process. That have just announced the purchase of a company called Midwest Woodworkers. It was founded almost four decades ago in Omaha and sells a wide variety of supplies and equipment that are related to woodworking. The Midwest Woodworkers store that has been located in Omaha for many years will now become a Woodcraft Supply store. It will be that company’s initial store in Nebraska.

Gerry Phelan was the owner of Midwest Woodworkers. He will now become the general manager of Woodcraft Supplies. The employees of the Midwest Woodworkers stores will be allowed to keep their jobs. Customers will benefit from the purchase because the line of products that will now be available at Woodcraft Supply stores will be much greater than it was before. Therefore, people who were loyal shoppers at Midwest Woodworkers have nothing to be angry about. They will still be able to buy the same outstanding products at prices that are very affordable.

The merger brings to an end months of speculation concerning the possibility of Woodcraft Supply acquiring their rival. Phelan said the sale took longer than he thought it would because he was not willing to accept less than a specific amount for the company he started years ago. He also wanted it written into the contract that all of his employees would be able to keep working at Woodcraft Supply. Phelan was not willing to accept a simple handshake agreement on that issue. The livelihood of his employees was much too important to rely on a handshake. Therefore, he insisted that issue was put into writing. Therefore, that prolonged the amount of time it took for the sale to be finalized.

Both companies have established themselves as leaders in the woodworking industry. Therefore, the merger is a natural fit. Talks are underway to open several new stores at some point in 2018. However, locations are still being scouted at the moment. It will still be a while until construction gets underway. The possible cities for these locations have not been revealed.