New Woodworking Techniques You need To Know

Are you looking to create a masterpiece from wood and don’t know where to start? Woodworking can be as easy as randomly joining pieces of wood if you have the techniques discussed in this post.


Wood joinery process requires you to know various joints, the grip techniques, as well as the necessary materials. Here are some of the basic wood joinery techniques to get you started.


  1. Edge Joining


The first step when performing edge joining is to take a 1-inch board and apply glue on the tips where the joint will form. However, this is rather basic and will not get you a perfect joint. Therefore, use several rods to align the panels accurately.


  1. Miter Joining


In this type of joint, fine grains and biscuits are added to the joint to add extra strength. Miter joining is not preferred in most cases because they are applicable where less emphasis is needed on the joint strength.


  1. Butt Joining


This joinery involves two joints linking up two panels at a square angle. They are hard to join with glue, and thus a screw or nail is used.


  1. Dovetail joining


This is a joint used for aesthetic purposes. It is characterized by interlocking tails and pins which result into a strong joint.


  1. Dado Joining


It involves cutting a furrow in one panel and inserting another panel in the furrow to form an intersecting joint. It is a great joint, particularly for shelf building.


These are some of the vital joints that you will need in your woodwork. Each applies differently depending on your needs.