NYC’s Dr. Edward Honig Treats his Heart Patients with Care & Compassion


Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Every year, there are more than 785,000 people who experience their first heart attack. If you have recently been diagnosed with heart disease, and want to receive the best possible care in the New York City area, you should schedule an appointment with a cardiologist such as Dr. Edward Honig today.


What Does a Cardiologist Do?



Learning that you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease can be very stressful for you and your family members. You obviously have plenty of questions about treatment options and care. That’s why it’s best to visit a qualified cardiologist who can help you stay as healthy as possible.


A cardiologist is a specialist that has received many years of training to treat, diagnose and help prevent various types of heart conditions and blood vessel disorders. They take part in classroom studies, lab training and hands-on training in an internal medicine facility to receive the education that they need to help patients living with heart conditions.


What Services are Offered by a Cardiologist?



A cardiologist can offer several services that your family doctor typically can’t. They have the resources that are necessary to adequately diagnose a problem and can provide you with various treatment options for your condition.


There are many diagnostic tests that can be performed by a cardiologist if you are referred to them by your doctor. These include:


Nuclear Cardiology Tests


This test uses a small amount of radiation that is injected into the vein and taken to the heart. The radiation allows your cardiologist to safely take images of the heart.


Cardiac Mapping


This is an electrophysiology study that is used to determine what is causing an issue with the heart’s rhythm, such as arrhythmia.


Cardiac Biopsy


With this test, a tiny sample of your heart muscle is removed so that it may be evaluated in a lab. This procedure can help to detect issues such as cardiac myopathy, which is a weakened heart muscle. It can also be used to check for rejection of a transplant.


Cardiac MRI


This test provides your doctor with a three-dimensional image of your heart. It may be used to diagnose or rule out conditions such as a blocked artery or problems with your heart’s structure.




Also, known as an ECG, this test allows your cardiologist to take pictures of your heart and monitor the chambers as they pump blood.


Exercise Stress Tests


A stress test monitors how your heart performs during physical activity. It can help your doctor to determine if you have problems they may not be able to diagnose when your body is at rest.


Right Heart Catheterization


This procedure evaluates blood pressure and fluid levels inside the heart and lungs. It is performed to evaluate4 pulmonary hypertension, a tight heart valve, or to determine if current medications are helping you.


Why Should I See a Cardiologist?



If you are experiencing any common side effects of heart disease such as:


  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain, numbness, or weakness in your arms and legs
  • Pain in the neck, jaw, throat, upper abdomen, or back


You should see a cardiologist right away or visit your family doctor so that they can refer you to a heart specialist. They can help determine if the issues you are having are linked to heart disease, or rule out the diagnosis if no problems are found. A cardiologist can provide treatment options for all types of heart conditions and help you deal with the symptoms and side effects.


About Dr. Edward Honig



Dr. Edward Honig is one of the best cardiologists in the New York City area. His knowledge and expertise in the field make him an obvious choice for anyone who needs to see a heart specialist. He is a provider at Glen Cove Hospital where he treats patients with all types of heart conditions including congestive heart failure, heart arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, or diseases of the heart valves.


If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Honig, you can get in contact with this staff at the Glen Cove office, or request that your physician makes a referral. Dr. Honig and his staff will be happy to help you determine your condition and assist you with finding the best treatment options that are available.  Connect with Edward on Facebook, or learn more about Dr. Honig from his CrunchBase page.