Ohio Man Starts a Woodworking Business

Scott Andres is a resident of Norwalk, Ohio. He had spent many years working as a cop. However, he found the job to be very unfulfilling. He decided it was time for a career change. He was not sure what career path he should follow because he was not college educated. Scott always liked working with wood in his spare time. He decided that he might be able to make a living by starting his own woodworking business. He was working a few days a week at Home Depot. This enabled him to get an employee discount on the various power tools that he would need in order to make his dream become a reality.


Scott used the woodworking skills that were taught to him by both his uncle and grandfather to open DeerCreek Woodworks. This is the name of his store where he sells a wide variety of wood items that he has made. He also does custom woodworking projects for people who want a very specific item that they cannot find anywhere else. Scott has become very adept at creating an item based only on the drawing given to him by a customer. He loves his new career because there is no stress whatsoever. He only takes as many jobs as he can handle at one time. He is not risking his life every day like when he was a cop. He likes being his own boss and controlling his own destiny.


Operating his own woodworking business also gives Scott plenty of time to spend with his two young sons. Both of them are a chip off the old block. They have taken an interest in woodworking. Scott is teaching them his craft when he has some free time. They are helping him with some of the easier jobs in the workshop. He is happy that both of his sons share his passion for working with his hands and making beautiful items out of wood.