One Man’s Selfless Actions Truly Help A Recent Amputee

It’s always nice to read uplifting news stories online that tell of human beings doing good things. An inspiring article that I read today concerns a man in Crestview, Florida showing true kindness to a handicapped stranger. With his woodworking and mechanical skills, this man was able to positively affect the other man’s life.

Evidently, a man named Steve Smith was driving down the street, and he noticed a man with a recent partial leg amputation struggling to get inside of his house. Don Austin had just returned home from the hospital after undergoing an amputation procedure, and discovered that he could not climb up the front steps into the house.

When he saw what was occurring, Steve Smith stopped and asked if he could help. Mr. Smith lifted Mr. Austin up, and assisted him with getting into the house.

Don Austin and his family were very appreciative of the extraordinary kindness that the stranger had shown, and posted their thanks on Facebook.

Steve Smith wasn’t finished helping the Austin family, however. Being a welder and skilled woodworker, he decided to construct a wooden wheelchair ramp at their house the following day.

Along with a crew of helpers, Steve Smith built a wooden wheelchair ramp that leads to and from the front door of the house. Now, Don Austin will be able to get in and out of his home with some degree of ease.

The Austin family again posted their appreciation and thanks to Mr. Smith on Facebook, acknowledging that it is humbling to experience such random acts of kindness.

Putting out good karma and positive energy are attributes that I strongly admire. The selfless actions carried out by Steve Smith are great examples of putting out good energy, and helping the world, a little bit at a time.