OneLogin is The Choice to Save Your Data

One login is a cloud-based identity and access management. It was founded in 2009 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen. These brothers came up with this idea as they worked for the Zendesk Company. They noticed that it is a challenge in the company and decided to find a solution to it. The group came up with an IAM solution that was to be secure and easy to use. They created this product to ensure organizations can efficiently and affordably secure their cloud applications and data.

It was launched in 2010, and Brad Brooks was appointed as the CEO of the company. Some of its products include single-sign-on, cloud directory and virtual LDAP. Since it is based worldwide, it has very many customers like Pinterest, Dell, Steelcase, and Fairfax media. Its funding is done by various ventures like the charter river ventures and scale ventures partners.

Manufacturers are looking up to the cloud tech to help them in increasing the productivity. Most organizations are currently using the identity management system, which causes a lot of challenges. OneLogin of such problems includes the lack of proper communication within the supply chain. It, in turn, slows productivity and the company loses to its competitors. Employees may access essential data that they are not authorized to get. The IT departments in manufacturing firms may slow down productivity due to a slow system. This can be observed in cases where they are hiring or firing employees or when resetting an employee password.

The solution to all these challenges can be done by using the one log in IAM. Since it offers various products, they work altogether as solutions. It has a portal that allows all members to sign in and have one secure password. It also centralizes all employees’ apps in one location for quick and easy access. It has an adaptive authentication factor which can automatically detect anomalous activities. Lastly, it makes it more effective and efficient for the IT departments to run swiftly. This company has gained trust from many organizations worldwide on security issues that they may face.