Onelogin: The Leader in Identity and Access Management

Onelogin was co-founded in 2010 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen who also helped create the famously on-demand help desk Zendesk. While working with Zendesk they realized companies were migrating to the cloud in large numbers. This led to the creation of Onelogin. The cloud offers a range of benefits, but security and productivity are major concerns. The goal of Onelogin is to simplify the access and management process without compromising security or production.

Since the cloud is gaining popularity, businesses now confident that cloud security can meet or exceed onsite storage security solutions. The biggest security risk is not on the cloud, but while companies are transferring their data to the cloud. This is when information is most vulnerable if proper procedures aren’t followed exactly.

“Shadow IT” or unauthorized hardware or software used on a company’s networks by its employees still poses a major security challenge because it is unknown what risks these devices or software could pose. The wide availability and ease at which company leaders and employees can purchase and install virtual products has reduced the reliance on IT professionals, but this practice also makes the company’s network more vulnerable to hacking. Onelogin continues to educate businesses on these risky practices.

The key to cloud security is having visibility and control of the entire infrastructure by managers and IT professionals. This is especially important for large companies with vast networks and thousands of employees with access to that network. To accomplish this, companies must focus on managing employee profiles across a variety of services to make access for everyone easier while maintaining visibility to the IT department. Otherwise, employees will find their own workarounds to access these services which could pose a security risk that is not visible to IT. IT departments now have to focus more on managing user access not just hardware and software.