Online Firms Tackling Finance And Investment Education With Seminars and Online Courses

Jim Hunt, an investment professional that documents his stock and options positions via YouTube, has recently posted a video looking into his recent +13% portfolio gain. The increase was brought about by his investment in ProShares UltraShort (SDS), an ETF that holds a basket of bank SWAPS, which he made following a series of bearish market predictions.

Hunt is part of a growing group of financial professionals that are using the internet and websites, such as YouTube, to reach a broad audience and educate them about optimal investment strategies. Online education has gained popularity since the founding of online colleges about ten years ago, but now private companies and individuals are starting to make their educational courses.

One such company is VTA Publications, a publisher of educational seminars and literature that focus primarily on finance and economics. The company was founded in 2012, and has grown to service thousands of customers around the globe through their website and also through in-person seminars and events that they host several times a year.

The organization reaches its customers through a variety of media, offering free investment articles written by world-class investment professionals, and also a series of products for sale. The products they offer, which range in price from 27-pounds to almost 600-pounds, include the recording of their latest seminar and several different 10-week online courses that include paperback copies of literature and coursework.  See the products that Jim Hunt and VTA offer on their website.