OSI Group & Forbes: Any Questions?

OSI Group has been on top of it’s game for a long time now. This Midwestern custom food provider is definitely one of the pioneers in the demanding field of work.

The company has come along way since it’s inception over a century ago, which was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto & Sons was the name of this family business and it provided the public with some of the freshest of meats. The small company established itself throughout the years, which allowed it to grow even bigger. McDonald’s was one of the very first high profile names to have purchased beef from Otto & Sons though it was just a fledging restaurant at the time. Word spread like wildfire and before long, Otto & Sons became OSI Group.

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Growth is one of the biggest issues in business and if you’re not growing or evolving, you’ll certainly be left behind. As of today, this company has grown to become one of the nation’s largest privately held companies. Forbes has ranked the company for many years in it’s “top 100,” but as of today, OSI Group is worth an estimated $6.1 Billion. This doesn’t come by chance as the company has had it’s fair share of missteps like any other company. Retailors on a worldwide stage benefit from OSI as this includes restaurants and supermarkets. Though many of the food items that fill the grocery store shelves have different brand names, many come from the same food provider.

OSI Group has made a name for itself and has left a huge imprint on society. Just about any type of food solution can be created here as the company uses the best advanced technology, experience, quality assurance.