Osio Real Estate Releases New App

David Osio, founder of Davos Real Estate Group, has released a new app “Davos Cap Calculator.” This app actually estimates the returns on real estate investments a person may be interested in buying. The Davos Real Estate Group is a smaller company off of the larger parent company, Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group is a large financial group that has been offering financial services internationally, specifically in Latin America for twenty years.

Davos Financial Group focuses on meeting the investment needs of each client. They work with premium regulatory grade products and high quality service to meet each client’s needs. Gerard Gonzalez, Executive Director at Davos Real Estate, has been working on this new app with the company Tecknolution to develop this new app. The app considers the expenses of the property then calculates the return on the investment.

This application is available for both Android and Apple phones. This application is just the first in a series of apps that will complement the Davos Real Estate Group’s financial goal. Other apps will identify properties through your phone and forward the historical data to your agent. This mobile app will allow them to guide their clients in their real estate purchases. Gonzalez says that this app allows the clients to have a much clearer vision of what the real estate investment will look like.

Other benefits will be a mortgage calculator, which will be based on projections by the bank and the property value. The Real Estate Group as a whole have been working towards refocusing their goals. Their whole platform has increased 60% over the past year or so. This has caused them to increase their sales by 75%.

Osio is an experienced financial advisor and CEO of Davos Financial Group. His focus is on asset management and financial advise services. His company has been recognized at Venezuela’s first premier financial advisory company. Before founding his company, he served as the Vice President for Banco Latino International of their commercial banking department in Miami for four years. Osio now works to serve his clients interests in real estate and other investments to help manage their assets.

Learn more: http://www.slideshare.net/davidosio