Greg Secker Teams Up With Nonito Donaire for Rehabilitation

Nonito Donaire, Jr., former world title-holder in boxing, recently flew in to Manila, Philippines, in order to meet with fellow philanthropist, Greg Secker, in order to give away in excess of 100 homes to victims of the recent typhoon, which affected a multitude of people in Capinahan, Iloilo, and Lemery. Since becoming a professional boxer, Read the full article

Nick Vertucci: Lessons in Life on How to be Successful

Nick Vertucci is training and informing the people on how to become wealthy through a method known as real estate flipping. He is roaming around North American cities to do activities such as motivational speeches, seminars, and conferences, sharing some methods and techniques which changed his life. He claims that real estate flipping would change Read the full article

Lacey and Larkin: Part Reporters Part Philanthropy

Reporters don’t get a lot of attention these days unless they break a huge story. That’s created an industry that over exaggerates everything. This, in turn, has created a nation of people who are desensitized to pretty much everything. Occasionally, a story comes out that’s truly shocking. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Read the full article

Felipe Montoro Jens: Helping Develop the Brazilian Infrastructure

Infrastructure is very important for the development of a country, and Brazil is one of those nations which is focusing on improving their infrastructure. Recently, The Brazilian government announced that they would be starting the construction of their planned water concessions that will be made through a partnership with several corporations and business from the Read the full article

Knowing Troy McQuagge and His Son Better

USHealth group got recognized as a world leading Health Insurance Company. Their services are top rated, and products provided are affordable for clients. Through their innovative health plans and flexible policies, USHealth has emerged top of other insurance companies. We cannot talk of its success without the mention of Troy McQuagge. He is the CEO Read the full article

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The President Of Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco first took over as the President of Bradesco in 2009, the company was at the second spot after Itaú Unibanco, which was at the time, the number one bank in Brazil. Instead of aiming and focusing on attaining the number one spot from their rival, the bank focused on bettering themselves Read the full article

Interesting Aspects About James Larkin

James Larkin, born in 1876, was the most prominent Irish trade union leader of the last century. He was born in Liverpool, England to Irish immigrants. He was the son of James Larkin, a fitter, and Annn McNulty. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and Larkin was born in England, however, he spent a Read the full article

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Contribution in the Education Sector

Under the management of mayor Marcelo Crivella, the primary objective of Rio de Janeiro city is to create forty thousand new places in preschool and twenty thousand new places day care centers for kids. This idea will come into actualization as a result of collaboration with Public Private Partnership (PPP). PPP will construct, maintain and Read the full article

Talkspace Tackles Systematic Racism In The Mental Health Field

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Unfortunately, the miseducation surrounding mental illness has left plenty of room for stigmatization. The stigmas and misconceptions often associated with mental illness make it harder for those affected to cope, and can often discourage them from seeking help. For African Americans suffering from Read the full article

Expansion for Lime Crime

Since Doe Deere, owner and CEO, founded Lime Crime in 2008, the company has been revolutionizing the makeup experience. The company prides itself on the impact it has on makeup wearers in regards to how it makes you feel and how you shop for that feeling. With its impeccable ability to set trends and standards, Read the full article