Finding a Solution to Common Security Issues with OneLogin

OneLogin offers a solution for Identity and Access Management that works in the cloud to create a secure profile on each user’s computer that allows access to all of the software and accounts they may need with a single set of login credentials. This solution aims to be more adaptable than other legacy web access Read the full article

CEO Troy McQuagge Creating a Spark with HOPE

USHEALTH Group, Inc Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge presented a challenge for business owners and leaders across the United States called HOPE. HOPE is an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Everyday. For the USHEALTH Advisors and their agents, HOPE is the mission of their career as a part of the corporation. Initially, the Read the full article

Wood From Montana Fires To Be Put To Good Use

Fires ravaged over a quarter of a million acres in northeastern Montana in the late summer and early fall of 2017. There were several other fires throughout the state that combined also caused losses of around one-half million acres of forest. While all of these terrible fires caused a considerable amount of damage, there is Read the full article

David Giertz Offering Practical and Useful Advice on retirement Planning

David Giertz is one of the leading financial advisors who was the director of sales and distribution of Nationwide Financial. He helped the company increase its profits to a great extent since he has more than three decades of experience in the financial industry. Today, he is a successful business coach and travels around the Read the full article

Jimmy Carter’s Hand on Display at Woodworking Show

Escondido’s annual woodworking show, Wood, A Furniture Show, kicked off on Saturday with a reception for the public. The exhibit is hosted at the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery on East Grand Avenue in Escondido, California. This year, it includes exhibits of handcrafted furniture, as well as a bronze sculpture of President Jimmy Carter’s left Read the full article

Here Is A Desk That Could Be Just Right For Secret Agents

While browsing through articles on the Digg website today, I came across a video that spotlights an attractive, executive-style desk that contains a number of hidden compartments. The roomy desk is constructed of solid walnut and it features a 24-karat embossed, leather-inlaid writing surface. A great example of the creatively designed hidden compartments in this Read the full article

Avaaz Champions For Global Issues

Avaaz, which means voice in some Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages, was launched during 2007. The mission is to organize the citizens of nations closing the gap between the existing world and world people actually want. Millions of people are empowered by Avaaz to take action when it comes to global, national and regional Read the full article

Greg Secker Teams Up With Nonito Donaire for Rehabilitation

Nonito Donaire, Jr., former world title-holder in boxing, recently flew in to Manila, Philippines, in order to meet with fellow philanthropist, Greg Secker, in order to give away in excess of 100 homes to victims of the recent typhoon, which affected a multitude of people in Capinahan, Iloilo, and Lemery. Since becoming a professional boxer, Read the full article

Nick Vertucci: Lessons in Life on How to be Successful

Nick Vertucci is training and informing the people on how to become wealthy through a method known as real estate flipping. He is roaming around North American cities to do activities such as motivational speeches, seminars, and conferences, sharing some methods and techniques which changed his life. He claims that real estate flipping would change Read the full article

Lacey and Larkin: Part Reporters Part Philanthropy

Reporters don’t get a lot of attention these days unless they break a huge story. That’s created an industry that over exaggerates everything. This, in turn, has created a nation of people who are desensitized to pretty much everything. Occasionally, a story comes out that’s truly shocking. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Read the full article