Pier 1 Chairs Recalled in Light of Lead Paint

Pier 1 has recalled thousands of Temani wicker outdoor chairs that were subject to excessive lead paint usage. There have been no reported cases of consumer ailment, but this is a precautionary measure that could potentially save lives. Pier 1 does not have a history of safety violations, so no long term sanctions will be taken against them. Nevertheless, Temani outdoor chairs are under inspection for further flaws. In regards to woodworking, this means that Pier 1 will have to renew contracts with their woodworkers. Experts have not traced the exact source of this lead paint, but it thought to come from the northwestern region of the country. Both the mahogany and pine fram clad variants have impurities. This is rather odd, as the two styles come from different sources. As a long term solution, Pier 1 plans to inspect all sources of lead paint within the next year. One manager issued a statement, “we apologize profusely for this mishap…we are currently investigating the origin of the lead paint and who is responsible.” Recalls are common the industry, so the organization has followed all appropriate protocols. Temani wicker outdoor chairs are known for a large frame that contributes to stability. However, analysts don’t believe that this has any correlation to the recall. The most likely scenario is that this was an honest mistake, which means a remedy is well within reach.