Plywood Provides Furniture Project Success

Building furniture does not mean putting pieces of particle board from a box together according to a diagram. As the ladies in the social media group, Ladylike, recently learned, furniture design and construction can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Furthermore, furniture made from grade A plywood is affordable and more attractive than kits.

Grade A plywood, also known as furniture grade, has a veneer with little to no apparent blemishes. The veneer, or outermost layer of the plywood, may be any number of hard or soft woods. Popular finishes for furniture are mahogany, birch, and tiger maple. Once sanded, stained, and varnished these plywood sheets evolve into handcrafted wooden furnishings. Another important aspect of advanced furniture building is the use of specialized joints. Employing biscuit and dado joints require dedicated tools and supplies, but woodworkers readily and affordably accomplish both. Of the two, biscuit joints are arguably the simplest and most versatile. They involve a slit cut into each board and a thin wafer “biscuit” of wood slipped and glued into the slits to hold the two boards together.

The ladies at Ladylike built coffee tables from cherry veneer plywood, glass, and other materials in their first attempts at woodworking. Although an experienced woodworker guided them, they used power tools, joined, sanded, and finished their pieces in only three days. Much of the construction time involves waiting for the glues and finishes to dry. Even beginner woodworkers can produce durable, attractive, one-of-a-kind pieces.