Portland, OR Offers A Unique Approach To Helping The Homeless

For several years now, a large population of homeless people have been living in Portland, OR. In a current online article that I read today, it tells about how a group of concerned, and motivated community members got together to build more than a dozen of wooden sleeping pods for homeless individuals.


The wooden sleeping pods resemble garden sheds, and each pod measures approximately eight feet by twelve feet. Students from Portland State University, homeless activists, the mayor’s office, and noted Portland-area architects designed and built the interesting structures.


Each of the sleeping pods maintains a unique design, and most of them are actually quite attractive. The pods are equipped with sleeping platforms, some shelving, and a small amount of storage space.


Some of the exteriors on the sleeping pods feature bare plywood, while others are partially or fully painted. Each of the pods features at least one window, and most of them contain small porch.


Although the Kenton Neighborhood Association has expressed concerns over the formation of a homeless sleeping pod village, the Portland community as a whole, has been supportive of the project.


A startling fact brought up in the article I just read, is that 49 percent of the homeless population in the Portland area regularly sleeps without shelter. It’s nice to see people work together to try to help other people to have a safe and warm place to sleep.