Potato Messages

Just about everyone remembers the old pet rock. If you don’t know what this is, there was a huge business that was started, where a person actually got decently wealthy, from merely gluing eyes onto rocks, drawing faces and selling them as pets. While this sounds like something that is ridiculous, it absolutely took off and a huge amount of people bought into this. Another similar story is coming out of the Bay Area, as Riad Bekhit has decided to make a business of his own. This business, however, is simply buying mailing people an actual, basic, totally normal potato, which reads up to fifteen words of whatever a person wants to have written.
Bekhit told media outlets that people thought the plan would not work and that it was just some sort of gag, as he points out that a lot of people were laughing at him when he told them about the idea. It just goes to show that a little innovation and a funny idea can actually pay off sometimes in big ways, as he has stated that the business is currently generating between twenty thousand and fifty thousand dollars a month. This means that some days they are making well over one thousand dollars, and the payments keep flooding in.
It is truly remarkable that so many people are buying these potatoes, but it really is funny if you think about it. No one is expecting to get a delivery with a message scrolled across a potato, so it truly is something that is absolutely original. While this may be a fad that ends up fading away in the end, there is a good chance that they will continue their operation in years to come. In fact, they are making a lot more money on this business venture than they ever have in the past, and the best part is, potatoes are incredibly cheap, and the only other cost is a basic Sharpie pen. They believe people will continue to be interested in buying their potato messages, especially on big dates, such as birthdays and major holidays.

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