Richard Mishaan Design Is Inspiring

Richard Mishaan is a highly renowned architecture cum interior designer. He is based in New York. The interiors designed by him will comprise of a luxurious combination of curated antiques along with several vintage pieces. He is known for having several decorative objects that are marked by their bold colors as well as patterns.



Richard Mishaan Design is recognized the world over. This is why he features on the Elle D├ęcor A list and even on the AD 100.



He has written “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern,” which was released by The Monacelli Press at Random House.



People are talking about the grand salon that he has recently created. This is for the Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House this year. This Richard Mishaan design has been inspired by a room that has been collected over time. In fact, this is quite similar to the way in which old families in Venice, as well as Florence, always appreciate the intricate workmanship of the artisans. They would be buying silks as well as velvets whenever they could. Then they would layer these with whatever that they had. All these were treasured items as they have been purchased over time.



Richard Mishaan is highly disciplined while selecting the contents of the room which he is decorating. He does the academics too in order to achieve the eclecticism that he wants in the room.



In the recent room created by him, he has made use of Fortuny fabrics. He has used silk velvet with animal print. He has also made use of gimps, cords along with woven tape as it can help in creating a backdrop for this kind of layered decor of the room.



Richard Mishaan talks about the historic value of all the items that are kept in the room. He considers these to be a journey through time. He further states that it is the sum of all these individual parts that becomes the most memorable part of any room.



He talks about culture as well as travel impacting the soul and mind of people. According to him, the design that is based on a heritage will be able to create a legacy. This will transcend all kinds of trends or changing styles. Hence such a design is pure as well as timeless.



The Richard Mishaan design depicts love of craftsmanship. This is evident through handmade artisanal textiles, besides porcelain and such other decorative arts. When all these are put together, the environment tends to stand out.



He likes to blend in antiquity along with modernity. In fact, he believes in straight lines. This means keeping it simple and logical. His designs always incorporate a lot of nature. Hence there would be features like courtyards and lots of windows. These would allow the sunshine to come in. He likes to keep the layout very simple. This gives a lot of individuality to his designs. All this has become the trademark of his style that is appreciated by all around him.