Robert Rising Excels at Reclaiming Discarded Wood

Robert Rising owns a special kind of company. His company is called NYCitySlab, and it transforms old wood into furniture. However, when Rising built a home a dozen years ago, he didn’t know a whole lot about woodworking. He was looking for an interior decor that went with the home he was restoring, and he was baffled that he couldn’t find what he was looking for. He soon realized it was his calling to start making the stuff himself.


With some help from some friends, Rising soon became familiar with the habits of tree cutters and sawyers. He learned how to use sawing equipment. Before he knew it, he was crafting and selling tables over the Internet. His casual Internet business blossomed into a whole company devoted to turning unwanted wood into beautiful pieces of furniture.


NYCitySlab includes a staff of four people, and folks eventually took to calling Rising the Black Lumberjack. With Rising hailing from Mount Vernon, a predominantly black neighborhood understandably low on real lumberjacks, the nickname made sense. Notwithstanding, the nickname did feel slightly concerning. However, after Rising realized he could market the catchy nickname, he decided to run with it. In fact, you can find his business at the domain


Recently, Rising suffered a setback from a fire in his primary work area. Many of his tools were destroyed, and it can be difficult to get projects completed. Thankfully, business continues to go well for NYCitySlab. Rising recently completed a dining room table from an oak tree toppled during Hurricane Sandy. He constantly receives new requests. Rising’s woodworking talents are able to transform discarded wood into beautiful pieces. A skill like that is bound to never go out of style. If you need a piece of furniture, you might want to check him out!