Sanjay Shah And Autism Rocks News

Sanjay Shah Denmark is an individual that has made calculated risks that have ended up making him a successful millionaire. Sanjay shah is the owner of Solo Capital; it is a company that was established in 2011. Solo Capital started because Sanjay Shah wanted to be able to work closer to home, and also he had lost his job. There was a financial crisis in 2009, and Sanjay Shah did not know how he was going to be able to get a new job. Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to go out and start his own brokerage company, and that was how he started Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah was not always interested in the financial side of the world. He wanted to be a doctor when he was younger, and he moved from Kenya to London to study at Kings College. Shah realized that becoming a doctor was not something that he really wanted to do, so he changed his profession to accounting. Shah spent many years working in the prestigious financial sector of London until he established Solo Capital. recently did an article about Sanjay Shah and his family. Sanjay Shah has a young son that was diagnosed with autism, and he and his wife wanted to do something to create more awareness about autism. Sanjay Shah and his family are located in Dubai, and April 2 is autism awareness day. They are sponsoring a fun filled autism rocks Festival that features many famous American performers.

Autism Rocks was created by Sanjay Shah and his wife, because they wanted to change the way that individuals viewed autism. They wanted to be able to show support for their son and at the same time they wanted to encourage more research to be done about this condition. Sanjay Shah and his wife started Autism Rocks in 2014 and they have been able to raise over €600,000 by organizing these popular events. Autism Rocks has been able to feature popular singers such as Tyga, Flo Rida, Michael Bublé, and Lenny Kravitz. These events have helped thousands of people to get more information about Autism and its causes.


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