Sauder Woodworking Plant in Indiana to Be Expanded

The news has been filled with many stories about companies that are laying people off and cutting their workforce. However, that will not be happening at the Sauder Woodworking facility located in Grabill, Indiana. In fact, just the opposite is going to happen. There will be a total of 60 jobs added at the Indiana facility in the coming months. This will coincide with an expansion at the facility that will cost more than $3 million. It is expected to double the amount of materials that the facility is currently able to produce.

The decision to expand operations at the Indiana facility was made last year. Sauder wants to become more of a factor in terms of selling furniture to healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. This is a very lucrative market that could mean substantial profits for the company that is headquartered in Ohio. The new facility will be located in New Haven, Indiana. It will be almost 160,000 square feet when it is completed. One of the reasons why the expansion is possible is because the Indiana Economic Development Corporation has given Sauder an incentive package that is worth nearly $400,000. This is in addition to the nearly $63,000 tax credit that Sauder is expected to receive from New Haven before construction begins.

Summer is when ground will officially be broken on the new project. It is expected to last for several months and be finished before the start of 2018. The plant in Indiana is currently one of four plants that are owned and operated by Sauder. One plant is in Virginia and two more are located in Ohio. Company president Kevin Sauder is very excited to be adding jobs during an economic climate where other companies are laying off employees on a regular basis. He says that the woodworking industry has remained solid while other industries have faltered.

Sauder also has plans to hire more people at some point in 2018. However, a company spokesperson said it was too early to give any exact details about how many jobs and at which facility they will be located.