SFI Certification for SmartLam

In the United States, SmartLam becomes the first company to earn SFI Certification. This accomplishment will allow them to pursue larger projects without risk of insurance. Cross laminated timber can be dangerous in the wrong contexts, but this certification guarantees that SmartLam is using the right operating systems and machinery. Different degrees of SFI certification are available for manufacturers in other countries. Because the United States is limited in terms of woodworking influence, only the regular certification is available. Nevertheless, it is a worthy stamp of approval that gives credit to the proficiency and expertise of their workers. SmartLam is well known for trying innovative techniques and methods for cutting wood. SFI certification is an important step to complete fulfillment, so SmartLam has pushed for this recognition in recent years. When they ship chairs, desks, and stoves across the world, they will be able to include a stamp of approval. In addition, this means that any complaints can be redirected toward SFI itself. SmartLam won’t have to manage these issues because they are licensed under SFI. This will ultimately lead to greater consistency out of woodworking products. An estimated $4 million was spent in 2016 on recalls and safety checks, but SmartLam will be able to bypass these problems with their certification. As we move forward into the 2017 fiscal year, more and more businesses in North America are looking toward SFI certification. It is one of the most prestigious recognitions in our woodworking industry.