Smart Hack on how to Create a Sword from a Piece of Lumber

Wood is the perfect example of a material that has helped build civilizations from the ground up. Although simple in structure, wood is a substance renowned for its resilient nature. For instance, ancient bridges got constructed using lumber from hardwood trees. For centuries, the use of timber has been improving, with modern societies adopting its use to the manufacture of wooden artifacts. To this end, lumber makes a great substitute for steel when it comes to the creation of a homemade sword.

While starting off, you have to get hold of a 2*4 plank that matches the length of the sword you anticipate to make. After cutting the plank into the recommended length, the next step you ought to take is to cut through a handle that will allow you to grasp the sculpture with great comfort. As standard practice, a real sword is one that allows its user to control it with precision. Thus, curving the handle to size and shape is of priority. The sword’s handle should conform to the grip of your dominant hand.

Depending on the type of sword you want to achieve, you may opt to choose a sizing convention that ideally matches your expectations. On your first trial, it is best practice for you to start off with a plank of wood that is slightly longer than your length. The extra length gives you room to correct any flaws in the sword creation process, by giving you an extra allowance to shave off excess wood. As you shave off the length of the sword that is beyond the cross guard, ensure that all the sides are flattened and tapering towards the horizontal edges. The sharp area of the sword should get aligned at a 45o angle just like that of an ordinary masterpiece.

With these simple steps, what you realize is a cost-effective sword that might have cost you less than $5 and a couple of minutes to achieve. At the end of the day, you perfect your wood carving techniques as well as spend time doing something fun filled.