Spark Tank DFW—an Initiative to Help Grow Small Businesses by Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a well renowned venture capitalist, Philanthropist and businessman. Based in Dallas, Texas the businessman currently operates several companies and businesses within the region. Marc believes that his success is not because of luck; in his book–“They Can’t Eat You”, Sparks explains how he came to be such a successful business person.

With regards to his investments, Sparks has heavily invested in the telecommunications as well as in other businesses. Over the years, he has given startup capital to many businesses that he thought had a potential to succeed. Read more: Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital

Despite being a rich person, Sparks does not keep all his wealth to himself. He often spends his money in charitable and worthy causes, which makes him a big philanthropist.

Charitable Works of Mark Sparks

Being a popular philanthropist, he has given out money to help various organizations in the past. For instance, he has assisted many students to get their diplomas. Additionally, he has also made donations to a Dallas-based local program.

According to Lulu, his donations have also helped people in the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter. Through the Habitat for Humanity program, Marc has also been able to build homes for the helpless. Among his newest programs is the Spark Tank—an initiative that will see him help the startup businesses of his choice. To benefit from this initiative, the businesses will have to apply and be vetted under preset rules and standards.

The Spark Tank DFW Initiative

The new Spark Tank initiative by Mark Sparks gives the upcoming and the new entrepreneurs an opportunity to work with experienced experts to build their businesses.

If approved by the panel, the startups will also receive some money from Mark to help establish their businesses. Through this initiative, Sparks aims at increasing the success rate of businesses through strategic business development methods and ideas. To be considered for this opportunity, the interested entrepreneurs have to apply.

The startups that will benefit from this initiative will be chosen, partially according to their sales and profits. Marc was influenced by his business partner; partner Lynne to begin such an initiative. According to this Partner, this venture would allow Marc to attract entrepreneurs with great business ideas.

When funded, such ideas can go far and become a social success. This idea was also backed by CEO Michele Fabrizi and the president of USA. By funding grant and overseeing accountability among the new and startup entrepreneurs, the Spark Tank will significantly reap social benefits.

With several other philanthropists like Marc Sparks, the lives of many people can be improved. The Sparks Tank is expected to be a huge success, with regards to giving back to the society and enhancing the well being as well as progress of the society.