Spectacular Home Decor Projects Involving Woodwork

Use of old wood in reclaiming a home is perhaps the most exciting do-it-yourself activity one can undertake. Reclaimed timber and pallet turn trash into treasure when it comes to home d├ęcor. Reclaimed wood projects not only helps you to make use of old and unwanted wood but it also transforms your space into a magazine-worthy home or office. These DIY’s are therefore worth your time and money.


Build a Table That Is Rustic in Design


When you want to look a bit rugged, a chunky dining table is the best. To do this, find old, dirty boards at a wood lumber yard. Cut these boards to the appropriate size you want and cleaned. After cleansing, apply Murphy’s Oil soap. Begin by framing the base, and then join the tops with woodworking biscuits. After doing this, polish the completed table, and you have yourself a rustic design.


Create a Ceiling Covered With Attractive Barn Wood


The ceiling is usually the most ignored part of a room, but thanks to easy DIY woodworking you can turn the ceiling into the most breathtaking surface in your space. To do this use wood paneled ceilings recovered and painted to your taste. After this, the installation process starts. There are two known ways; you can install the wood directly on a dry walled ceiling or directly to the joints.


Use Salvaged Wood Strips to Design Your Staircase


This is an awesome way to decorate your staircase if you are looking for a cheap alternative. To accomplish this, look for old, thin wood. They should be fitted safely under the nosing of the stairs. Use of different colors is an added advantage to style and authenticity.


Full-Size Decks Using Pallets


Decks are important spaces to use for enjoying the warm summer weather. A pile of pallets usually forms one robust backyard deck. Use of reclaimed wood and a few DIY tips and tricks will save you hundreds of dollars.