Steve Killgore Named CEO of Timber Products Co.

Starting February 20, Steve Killgore will officially take over as chief executive officer of the 100 year old Timber Products Co. This decision was made by the company’s board of directors, breaking with tradition of appointing CEOs within the company owner’s family, who will continue to have ownership of the company and work with Killgore, but will be taking a more hands off approach to management.

David Gonyea, one of the directors as well as a member of Timber Product’s founding family, spoke on the decision, stating his confidence in the “transition to outside leadership” with Killgore at the helm.

With more than 40 years worth of experience in wood and lumber companies, Killgore seems more than qualified to take over such a longstanding and prestigious legacy. For 22 years, he worked as a general sales manager for Willamette Industries and Bohemia, and worked with solid wood business as part Roseburg Forest Products after that. He also owned and operated his own wood companies between 2002 and 2011: McKenzie Forest Products and Cascade Structural Laminators. He has also earned a degree in Management from Linfield College and took further executive study courses at and The Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania and the Darden School of Business in Virginia.

Killgore says he is already looking forward to working with the Gonyeas and the Timber Products team, planning to travel to different facilities around the United States in order to meet with his employees. Under his leadership, he hopes to work out a business plan to take the company into the next 100 years minimum.